Loughborough University

Loughborough University will be supporting the Thermal (T-ERA) research theme with activities in three main areas.

  • It will draw on its expertise in engine and powertrain systems, energy systems, and advanced manufacturing technologies for small, medium and large scale manufacturers to lead innovative research into cold energy technology and support the UK’s ambition to drive this global market for cooling.
  • It will undertake research into the development of new sensible, latent and thermochemical thermal energy storage materials and systems that achieve high energy storage densities with excellent volumetric charge and discharge powers. Key applications identified range from domestic space heating and cooling to industrial process and electrical power applications.
  • It will undertake innovative research to develop and experimentally characterise the materials, systems and processes that are required to accomplish the large scale retrofit of existing buildings essential to reduce winter heat loads and identified to be a key challenge in the transition to a low carbon economy. Research will be performed to develop and characterise under both carefully controlled laboratory and realistic installation conditions a range of systems including high performance insulation, ultra-low heat loss glazing systems, and building facade integrated solar thermal systems.