Geo-Energy Research Accelerator

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Geo-Energy will support society’s need for energy security by reducing carbon emissions from fossil and biomass power plants at a lower cost. It will identify potential hazards at shale and CO2 storage sites and enable real time monitoring of operations to ensure environmental safety is maintained. It will enable the development of cheaper, more efficient and more durable systems to store compressed gas energy and hydrogen to drive grid decarbonisation and increase renewable energy storage.

What will it deliver?

  • Geo-energy Test Bed facility: To develop and test underground monitoring technologies.
  • Gaseous Research Acceleration and Demonstration Centre: To examine different aspects of energy storage, energy systems, and next-generation carbon capture and transport.
  • High Performance Compression and Expansion Laboratory: Focussing on significantly reducing waste energy.
  • Hydrogen Systems Test Bed: Researching lower cost, safe and integrated hydrogen systems to support this emerging market.