Integrated Energy Systems Accelerator

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Integrated Energy Systems will focus on research into the next generation of energy storage to help businesses and consumers make the most of a range of low-carbon innovations. Improved electricity storage technology will help combat intermittent and seasonal energy generation, ensuring that power is available throughout the year. This will also lead to better portable storage for everyday consumer goods, increasing the capacity of energy ‘on-the-go’.

What will it deliver?

  • National Low Carbon Mobility Centre: To enable collaboration between institutions and businesses to overcome challenges facing low carbon vehicles including grid connectivity and battery ageing.
  • New battery chemistry: To develop the next generation of Lithium-ion batteries with radically improved performance.
  • Electro mechanical behaviour: To research the mechanical properties of batteries to support a drive towards lighter-weight car batteries.
  • Second life applications: To explore how retired batteries can be used to meet the need for greater energy storage in domestic and industrial applications.