Thermal Energy Research Accelerator

Scientists in a lab

Thermal Energy will support research into insulation technologies and thermal storage in a way that complements existing UK housing stock. A significant proportion of housing in the UK is old, with listed or aesthetically desirable attributes. This can be a barrier to existing energy efficiency improvements. Thermal Energy will target developments that help overcome these barriers by allowing consumers in densely populated urban areas to improve energy efficiency by replacing boilers with new technology, while retaining the aesthetic appeal of homes through advanced insulation.

What will it deliver?

  • Establish an Advanced Thermal Manufacturing Centre (ATMC): To develop enhanced research and design capacity in thermal energy technologies.
  • A scaled up Dearman piston engine: Driven by liquid nitrogen to produce clean cold power for transport applications.
  • Thermal energy storage research: To study the costs and performance of low-carbon heating technologies.
  • Research into reducing thermal load in buildings: To develop low cost technologies that are easy to apply and retrofit.
  • Research into Hydrogen from Biomass: To develop an alternative means of producing green hydrogen with the potential to produce twice the amount produced by current technology.