Our Vision

At the forefront of energy transformation, the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) will tackle some of the biggest energy challenges facing the UK.

As part of the Midlands Innovation group of higher education institutions, ERA aims to foster research and develop new technologies to shape the UK’s energy landscape over the next 40 years. It is a cross-disciplinary hub of technology research and energy talent which brings the region’s combined research expertise together with the surrounding industrial base to deliver a step change in energy innovation.

ERA’s initial priorities will help deliver the new technologies and behaviors that will open the avenues for future energy research and development:

ERA aims to:

  • Make better use of primary resources;
  • Create smarter energy systems;
  • Reduce our dependence on imported energy;
  • Enhance energy security;
  • Help to achieve the UK’s carbon reduction targets.
Accelerated community

ERA will create jobs, develop skills and create innovative new products and services, ultimately transforming the UK’s energy sector.