Doctoral training programme

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ERA will provide a training ground for a wide range of energy aware research leaders, addressing both energy generation and energy demand/usage. This will equip you with the background context necessary to tackle the national societal challenges that encompass the energy landscape. ERA provides its member universities and collaborators with an opportunity to deliver a real step-change in the numbers of energy literate graduates by enhancing the training environments available and by providing strong routes for dialogue with major employers, many of whom are partners in ERA.

The ERA doctoral training programme is designed to provide scholars with a solid grounding in your research area during your PhD. This programme will enable high quality PhD students to address industry-led research challenges. The programme is designed to broaden your horizons and empower and support you in developing contacts and links within the broader energy environment. ERA provides a ready-made network of people who can help you on your chosen career path focussed around one of the core themes — Geo-Energy, Thermal and Integrated Energy Systems.

In addition to your Institutional support, ERA can offer you:

  • Access to additional specialist training modules across 6 university partners and the BGS
  • Specially tailored events, workshops and joint conferences
  • Industrial placements
  • Focus on industry-led research challenges
  • A network of like-minded researchers and entrepreneurs

All ERA participants are encouraged to take an active role in the development and growth of the ERA student community, both within and across Institutions and Industrial partners.

The programme will encourage cross-institutional communication through active feedback into the way the programme develops, as well as the organisation of a number of activities throughout the year. These will include themed seminars, conferences & symposiums, industry outreach and collaboration, field trips to other Institutions and demonstration sites as well as industrial placements.

Students are encouraged to be actively involved with shaping the development of the DTP by nominating an individual to attend the Skills Working Group Meetings which take place every other month.

Contact Jane Spencer (ERA Skills Officer) for further information.