The Skills Challenge

Scientists in a lab

The energy sector in the UK employed 680,000 people in 2013 and accounted for 4% of national output and 1% of employment. However, the average age of those working in the sector is increasing quickly, indicating that less young people are entering the industry. This shortage of new talent is evident at all levels of the industry. ERA will help to reverse this trend by providing training and skills at all levels of expertise.

Energy skills programme

ERA will deliver a series of programmes to help create the skills base the UK needs to transform the sector, including:

  • STEM programmes encouraging young people to think about the energy sector and its challenges as they make career choices
  • Collaboration with partners on apprenticeships providing opportunities for people to work in emerging companies focussed on the new generation of energy technologies
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, supporting a stream of talent to deliver both research capability and high quality recruits
  • At the highest level, a suite of executive training schemes to enable companies to refocus and retain key individuals

Focussing initially on a Doctoral training programme, ERA is the first truly embedded cross-disciplinary energy research lab in the UK.

The ERA Skills pyramid

The ERA Skills pyramid — ERA will be a hub for learning, investing in academic talent to provide capacity for UK business to compete internationally.